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Other installations

The objective of becoming a reliable single point of contact for our customers' plant engineering has led us to extend our business beyond plumbing, towards the interconnected and integrated construction of fire-fighting, hydrogen, a biomassa legnosa , cogeneration and trigeneration plants.


Interconnected plants for coordinated efficiency

Our vision pushes us towards an integration of the systems and technologies we design and build: our plants, even large or very large, are designed with the same idea of offering efficient performance, but also economically and environmentally sustainable.

Serving as a unique benchmark for creating efficiency is a clear choice, aiming to contribute to the future by combining the power of natural elements (sun, water, earth, air) and continuous innovation from our R&D departments.

The result is the possibility of combining the management of plumbing systems, with geothermal, photovoltaic or solar thermal systems, synchronising them with air conditioning or air treatment systems.

But that’s not all: there are also interesting synergies with electrical systems designed in a green way, audio or fire-fighting systems for security management and environmentally friendly energy production systems (such as hydrogen, cogeneration and trigeneration ).

Green attitude

A common mission, for a total ecological revolution.


Of consumption, of energy waste, costs, energy production.


Perfect connection between different systems, all dedicated to the creation of ecological value.


A single contact person, with the expertise to think sustainably about every part of the building.

Available solutions


Plumbing installations

Plumbing systems, also known as thermal plumbing or sanitary systems, are the water distribution and wastewater management systems within buildings. They are essential for providing access to drinking water, hot and cold, as well as for the removal and treatment of wastewater: an indispensable addition to ensure hygiene and living comfort.

The adoption of water- and energy-efficient technologies and equipment contributes to environmental sustainability and it is now possible to design plumbing systems so that they maximise their energy efficiency while reducing consumption. The aim is to make daily activities more sustainable, reducing waste and rationalising the use of resources and energy with the use of state-of-the-art technologies.


Safe and clean drinking water, for domestic or commercial use.


With the adoption of low energy and water consumption.


Maximum living comfort, hygienic and healthy environments


Maximum energy performance, with a reduction in operating costs.

Change starts today. Energize it, with ITE!


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