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EPC Contractor

Engineering, Procurement and Construction: revolutionises your concept of partners.

ITE S.r.l. takes care of everything related to the design phase of your plants (Engineering), the procurement of materials and suppliers (Procurement) and construction processes (Construction), as well as the maintenance and operation of existing plants.

What can we do for you?

We put all our engineering expertise at your service to create projects tailored to your specific needs. We select the most suitable suppliers, guaranteeing quality in the choice of materials and components and in supply chain management. We build in the most efficient way, install, test and maintain according to the characteristics defined beforehand in each individual project

An overall vision on energy impact

By working in synergy with an EPC Contractor you can have a complete overview of your project and the environmental impact of each construction phase. Choose a qualified partner and improve the sustainability of your facilities

Why an EPC Contractor?

Using an EPC Contractor means relying on a qualified party, which guarantees that the work will be carried out in a workmanlike manner and takes responsibility for every phase of the construction. In addition, every aspect of the project will be included in one global contract, which facilitates the monitoring of the work. 

Opt for a simplified and streamlined management of your construction sites and delegate essential aspects of project implementation, as well as its coordination and adherence to current regulations also in terms of certifications, qualifications and safety to your trusted partner.

Full flanking

From the first inspection to the scheduled maintenance of the plant, you can count on ITE S.r.l.'s expertise to deliver concrete results.

Entrusting your EPC Contractor with the engineering, procurement and construction of your plants allows you to expect a quality-assured and optimised result, economically, strategically and energetically.

Count on us to...

Bonus Practices


Planned Maintenance

Plant Installation

Plant construction

Plant design

Energy Efficiency

A stress-free result? Choose to work with an EPC Contractor!


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