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Air treatment systems

They are designed to condition, clean, heat, cool, humidify or dehumidify the air of enclosed spaces, such as private buildings and industries. The main objective of these systems is to improve indoor air quality, creating a comfortable and healthy environment for the people occupying it.


Treating the air, for live better.

Advanced filters and air purification technologies help to remove suspended particles, allergens, odours and pollutants, dramatically improving indoor air quality with a major impact on people’s health. It is also a valuable strategy for keeping heating and cooling systems clean, prolonging their service life.

Modern air treatment systems are designed to be energy-efficient: energy-efficient motors, heat recovery processes and intelligent controls reduce energy consumption. In addition, the use of renewable energy sources reduces greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and the environmental impact of installations.

Also in favour of sustainability are smart monitoring systems that reduce waste of resources and the ability to recycle indoor air, purifying it and reintroducing it into the environment, reducing the need to heat or cool air from outside.

Energy efficiency

Reduction of consumption, emissions and impact on the environment.


Of the indoor air, of the comfort and health.


Temperature and humidity for optimal thermal comfort.


Performance in all the seasons of the year.

Available solutions


Controlled mechanical ventilation systems

A controlled mechanical ventilation (or VMC) system is a ventilation system that ensures adequate air exchange, without the need to open doors or windows. The VMC is designed to precisely control the flow of both incoming and outgoing air, improving its quality: it removes pollutants and allergens, keeping closed rooms healthy, fresh and comfortable.

In addition, good ventilation prevents condensation and the formation of mould, on walls and ceilings, eliminating the serious health risk involved. Unpleasant odours are also abated, thanks to effective VMC systems.

The installation of controlled mechanical ventilation systems is also indispensable when specific indoor air quality assurance systems are required by local regulations.

Air quality

Fewer allergies and problems respiratory when the air is clean.


The risk of mould, moisture and condensation is significantly reduced.


VMC systems satisfy air quality standards.


Fresh, clean and free of unpleasant odours.

Do you want to breathe fresh, clean air? We design healthy spaces!


A complete hub, for an effective energy transition.

We guide you through the choice of the best green and modular solutions, which can guarantee a rational and sustainable use of energy, as well as convenience and performance.


An ecosystem that optimise your green transition.

A careful study of the project allows us to propose the most suitable solutions for the context, effectively combining the most suitable technologies to maximise your energy efficiency and minimise your impact on the ecosystem.


We respond to your urge of quality with zero impact.

We can design, realise or make efficient the air treatment systems of your rooms, to achieve living comfort with maximum respect for the Planet.


We draw up a customised plan for your need and detail costs and return on investment.


We know how to create healthy and comfortable indoor spaces while optimising your green footprint.

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