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Electrical installations

An electrical system is a complex system of components and devices, designed to deliver energy safely and efficiently. The increasingly widespread need to provide the customer with a complete plant engineering proposal has convinced ITE S.r.l. to deal directly with the design, realisation and maintenance of electrical, domotic and lighting systems for civil and industrial use.


Perfect connection, between your energy sources.

Thinking smart about electrical systems means maximising the energy efficiency of spaces, and today it is possible to do this by exploiting the most innovative strategies that combine performance and sustainability.

State-of-the-art systems can work in coordination with clean and renewable energy sources, such as the sun’s energy captured by photovoltaic panels. Or, electricity grids can be optimised to reduce energy losses and install energy-efficient equipment.

A green gesture is also the use of precise management, automation and intelligent control devices that rationalise the use of electricity. Applied to heating, lighting, air conditioning and the operation of domestic or industrial electronic devices, these systems can contribute significantly to reducing consumption and waste. 

Energy efficiency

Reducing consumption and energy wastage.


Decisive felling of management costs.


Possibility of co-operation different green technologies.


Duration of facilities, reduced maintenance

Available solutions

Ad hoc power grids for every need

Distribution of medium and low voltage installations and networks

Medium and low voltage plants and networks are an integral part of the electricity distribution system. They are responsible for delivering electricity from the power plants, which generate it, to end users, including residences, businesses, industrial and commercial buildings.

Medium voltage (MV) systems operate at electrical voltages higher than those of low voltage, but lower than those of high voltage: usually, medium voltage includes voltages between 1 kV and 36 kV. These networks deal with the transport of electrical energy from power stations to transformer or distribution stations. Low voltage (LV) networks, on the other hand, operate at electrical voltages below 1 kV, i.e. those used directly in homes, shops and businesses to supply electrical appliances, lighting and consumer electronics.

The typical voltage in Europe and many other parts of the world is 230 V. In order to design and implement electrical systems correctly, it is necessary to make the two types of networks cooperate, making them safe and energy efficient.


Correctly implemented, they increase performance and reduce consumption.


Useful in private environments, commercial and industrial.


Customised design of each section of the plant.


Of the transformation, of the distribution and use of energy

Take care of the planet, with a truly global management of your energy.


The Green Revolution, starts with the details.

We know the advantages of the main sustainable technologies to optimise your electrical installations and make them communicate with the other green installations in your space.


We create high-performance plants and low impact on Nature.

Ask us how you can make your existing electrical installations more efficient or design your buildings’ electrical networks from scratch: innovation can go hand in hand with respect for the environment.


Having a precise plan of action also means knowing its costs, timeframe and return on investment: ask us.


If you would like information and details, have questions or would like to submit your project to us, please contact us and let's improve your green attitude together.

    Change starts today. Energize it, with ITE!


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