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I.T.E. B Corp in 2024

I.T.E. embraces the future: towards transformation into a Benefit Corporation in 2024

In a world that is constantly evolving, where attention to sustainability and social responsibility is becoming increasingly central, I.T.E. is proud to announce its commitment to a better future: in 2024, we will officially become a Benefit Corporation.

This decision marks a significant step in our corporate journey, reflecting our dedication not only to excellence and innovation but also to the well-being of society and the protection of the environment. Becoming a Benefit Corporation means formalizing our commitment to balance profit and positive impact, laying the foundations for growth that respects ethical and sustainable principles.

To become a Benefit Corporation is to officially recognize the responsibility to consider the impacts of our business decisions not only on shareholders but on all stakeholders: employees, customers, local communities, and the environment. This transformation will allow us to integrate public benefit goals into our corporate mission, ensuring that our business practices promote a fairer society and a greener planet.

I.T.E.’s choice to become a Benefit Corporation stems from the understanding that the long-term success of a company is measured not only through its financial results but also through its positive impact on the world. We want to be pioneers of a business model that demonstrates how businesses can be a powerful force for the common good, actively contributing to solving the social and environmental challenges of our time.

For our customers, partners, and employees, this evolution represents a confirmation of our integrity and our commitment to operating responsibly. It also means greater transparency in our operations and the assurance that your choices – to work with us, for us, or to support us as partners – contribute to tangible positive impact.

I.T.E. commits to sharing the progress of this exciting transformation. It will be a journey that we undertake together, with the goal of inspiring other companies to follow our example and join us in the global movement towards greater corporate responsibility.

We invite all our stakeholders to stay tuned for updates and to support us on this path of responsible growth and innovation. Together, we can make a difference.



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