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The revolution in thermal power plant construction: The prefabricated method

The revolution in thermal power plant construction: The prefabricated method

In the plant engineering industry, innovation and efficiency are at the heart of technological evolution. We at I.T.E. S.r.l. have perfected a revolutionary process that is changing the way thermal power plants are built: prefabrication in the workshop followed by assembly on site. This method not only speeds up construction time but also ensures a higher quality of the final product. In this article, we will explore the key advantages of thermal power plant prefabrication.

Engineering precision and build quality

Through prefabrication, each thermal power plant component is designed and assembled with millimetre precision in a controlled environment. This eliminates the unexpected variables commonly encountered on traditional construction sites, ensuring superior construction quality. High production standards reduce the risk of errors and defects, ensuring that the plant operates at full capacity from day one.

Efficiency and reduced lead times

The prefabrication process allows a significant reduction in lead times. While construction of the components takes place in the workshop, the site can be prepared for installation at the same time. This overlapping of processes drastically reduces the total time required to set up the installation, allowing for a quicker start of operations.

Minimising environmental impact

Prefabrication in the workshop significantly reduces resource consumption and environmental impact. Standardised and controlled production minimises material waste and the energy efficiency of the process reduces energy consumption. In addition, the optimised transport of prefabricated components to the installation site reduces CO2 emissions associated with the movement of materials and personnel.

Safety at work

Worker safety is a top priority at every stage of our production process. Prefabrication of thermal power plants in a controlled environment significantly reduces safety risks compared to traditional construction sites. Accidents, often related to adverse weather conditions or improper use of equipment in unforeseen situations, are significantly reduced.

Predictable costs and reduction of financial risks

The control over the production process offered by prefabrication allows greater predictability of costs. With fewer variables at play, it is easier to maintain budgets and reduce the financial risks associated with construction delays or errors. This approach provides investors with clarity and confidence in the allocation of financial resources.


Prefabrication of thermal power plants represents a qualitative leap in the plant engineering industry, offering significant advantages in terms of quality, efficiency, sustainability and safety. Our company is proud to be at the forefront of this innovation, providing our customers with solutions that meet the energy needs of the present and the future. By taking this approach, we continue to build a cleaner, safer and more efficient world.


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