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Revolutionising Energy: I.T.E. S.r.l.’s Renewable Energy Communities Initiative

At a time when sustainability and energy efficiency are at the centre of global discussions, I.T.E. S.r.l., in collaboration with the Department of Astronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering (DIAEE) of the Sapienza University of Rome, launches a pioneering project to monitor energy consumption. This initiative fits perfectly into the framework of the Renewable Energy Communities (RECs), promoting a model of sustainable and participatory development for the energy transition of Italian territories.

What is a CER?

RECs represent an association of citizens, businesses, public administrations and small and medium-sized enterprises that come together to produce and self-consume energy from renewable sources. These communities play a crucial role in reducing CO2 emissions by promoting the use of clean energy and encouraging sustainable energy behaviour among their members.

The Initiative of I.T.E. S.r.l.

With the aim of optimising energy efficiency, I.T.E. S.r.l. proposes the installation of advanced monitoring systems for homes that have benefited from the 110% Superbonus. These tools, accessible via mobile app, not only provide immediate data on energy consumption but are essential for analysing consumption patterns and developing strategies aimed at improving the energy efficiency of buildings in Italy.

Benefits of the Initiative

Real-Time Monitoring: helps owners become aware of their energy consumption, promoting more sustainable behaviour.

Contribution to Scientific Research: the anonymous analysis of the collected data will be used to study consumption patterns and develop energy efficiency strategies, at no extra cost to the owners.

Optimising Consumption: identifies energy wastage and provides suggestions to reduce it.

Advanced Performance Comparison: allows quantification of pre- and post-renovation energy efficiency improvements in buildings.

How to Participate

To join the initiative, all you have to do is fill in a profiling and data processing authorisation form, thus guaranteeing customisation in installation and respect for privacy.

Towards a Sustainable Future

This initiative promises not only tangible improvements in property management but also represents a concrete commitment to environmental sustainability. It is an invitation to work together to make a difference towards a greener future by harnessing the potential of CERs as well as promoting conscious and responsible energy consumption.

I.T.E. S.r.l.’s initiative demonstrates how companies can be catalysts for change, pushing towards the adoption of sustainable practices and the optimisation of energy consumption.


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