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Transformation of high energy condominiums into low energy buildings

Client: Condomini Year: 2023 Typology: Electrical installations


Many apartment blocks, located in different urban areas, were faced with the challenge of converting their energy-intensive structures into ultra-low impact buildings, in line with energy sustainability and emission reduction targets. This transformation was stimulated by participation in the government’s 110% superbonus initiative, which aims to promote energy and seismic upgrading of buildings.

The challenge

The main obstacle was the need for a holistic approach to the energy and seismic upgrading of buildings. It was essential not only to improve energy efficiency through the modernisation of existing installations but also through the integration of innovative solutions such as external thermal insulation and seismic upgrading of structures. In addition, we had to face the challenge of eliminating the use of gas boilers, replacing them with renewable energy sources, including photovoltaic panels and storage batteries, to meet the buildings’ high electricity demand.

The solution

Our company adopted a multidisciplinary approach to address these challenges, coordinating a team of experts in energy efficiency, earthquake engineering and renewable energy. The solutions implemented included:

Installation of Thermal Coatings: improving the thermal insulation of buildings to reduce heat loss in winter and limit overheating in summer.

Seismic Efficiency: reinforcement of existing structures to increase the safety and resilience of buildings in case of earthquakes.

Photovoltaic Panels: installation of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of apartment buildings to produce clean electricity, thus reducing dependence on fossil fuels and lowering energy costs for residents.

The results

Thanks to the measures taken, apartment buildings achieved a significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions, aligning themselves with the goals of the 110% superbonus initiative. The installation of photovoltaic systems and storage batteries made it possible to cover a large part of the buildings’ energy needs, ensuring a sustainable and low-cost source of electricity. In addition, seismic efficiency measures have significantly improved the safety of buildings, increasing their real estate value and the well-being of inhabitants.


This project demonstrates the effectiveness of a holistic approach to retrofitting residential buildings, emphasising the importance of innovation and collaboration between different disciplines to achieve sustainable goals. Our commitment to transforming high-impact buildings into low-energy structures highlights our leadership in energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.


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