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Implementation of Antimicrobial Ducting for Italy’s Largest Cleanrooms

Client: Greenvest Year: 2023 Typology: Air treatment

The Customer

Our client, Greenvest, needed to create clean rooms of unprecedented size, with the objective of maintaining ultra-high standards of air purity while minimising the presence of microparticles and contaminants.

The challenge

The main challenge of this project lay in the need to design and install a ducting system capable of ensuring a sterile environment, essential for the client’s research and production activities. The objective was to create an air filtration system that could not only meet, but exceed the standards required for clean rooms, guaranteeing impeccable air quality with a very low micro-particle content. 

The Solution

To meet this challenge, our company designed a customised ducting system, using the latest antimicrobial materials. The implemented solution included:

Absolute Filters: to effectively capture and remove microparticles from the air, ensuring an unprecedented level of purity.

Diffusers: designed to distribute the filtered air evenly within the chambers, preventing the formation of areas with residual contamination.

Antimicrobial Ducting and Hoses: each component of the ducting system was made from antimicrobial materials to prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses within the ventilation systems.

The Results

Thanks to our advanced solution, the customer was able to benefit from clean rooms with an air purity level above the required standard, contributing significantly to the success of their research and production operations. The system demonstrated exceptional effectiveness in reducing microparticles, ensuring a safe and controlled operating environment. 


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